Vpiši iskalni niz


The company is on a mission to introduce to the market its private label clothing line bosting unique designs that are made in Tuscany, Italy, from carefully selected materials. With an extensive track record in the clothing industry, the company maintains strong and long-lasting global partnerships.

In line with its eco-conscious policy, it opts for premium- quality recycled and natural materials, all the while adhering to European quality standards.

About the Fenzy private label

It was in the sewing facilities in Tuscany where we set out to conceive and develop a private label fashion brand of the name Fenzy. Standing out with its unique designs and natural and recycled materials, Fenzy’s clothing line also caters to plus-size customers. Fenzy fashion is designed to appeal both to younger and older shoppers.

Inteko’s main suppliers come from Italy, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Pakistan and China.

The production process is subject to strict controls and European quality standards. We are involved both in the production and import of fabric as well as finished pieces.

INTEKO d.o.o., Slap 3E, 5271 Vipava, Slovenija